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Claudia Love – Soulbrew Edit

A couple of years ago I was record digging in Venice along with Bottin and Paina when I picked this record (mine actually had a sort of promo sleeve, so no saucy comments are allowed :))   I was a bit puzzled at first, I knew Claudia – if you don’t, here’s her IMDB pageĀ – but I didn’t know she …

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Vintage Sound System

Yes, there is still a hard-core bunch of people willing to spend time (and a cosiderable amount of hard earned dosh!) in order to keep the Sound System culture alive… In this case we’re talking about Jeremy Collingwood, a well known name in the UK reggae scene. His passion for vintage sounds is unrivalled. He imported some King Tubby’s bass …

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Vintage soundman ;-)

This post is about people still carrying along the banner of Sound System “the way they used to be” i.e. valve amps as opposed to transistors, proper Garrard turnatbles as opposed to cds or even worst laptops with mp3s… Let me introduce to you, Mr. Steve Rice, a man that lets the music do the talking! About me; Born in …

Mista Brown (Tighten Up London) Top 10

1. The Whip – The Etheopians (Never get weary of this Rocksteady classic. Guaranteed to fill any dancefloor!) 2. Scare Him – The Maytals (100 mile an hour early Reggae scorcher out of the Leslie Kong camp!)

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Chris Lane interview – Intro

I remember having met Chris about 10 yrs ago while living in London. We were both playing at Cello’s Coast to Coast, while the club was in Orchard St.. What struck me about Chris was is Reggae knowledge: he’s didn’t look one of those “I-know-it-all” kind of guy and he was quiet, just busy playing records. I thought he was …