Claudia Love – Soulbrew Edit

A couple of years ago I was record digging in Venice along with Bottin and Paina when I picked this record

(mine actually had a sort of promo sleeve, so no saucy comments are allowed :))


I was a bit puzzled at first, I knew Claudia – if you don’t, here’s her IMDB page – but I didn’t know she had a record out…

Bottin said “Get it, you’ll like it!”, so after checking whether it was warped or badly scratched, I bagged the platter for €3.

A few weeks ago, while prepping my record box for a gig I found it again and I thought “What if…”

So I went straight to the turntable, ripped it and started to work on it from the day after.

I must admit I’ve been a bit lucky. The drummer was very consistent: 126bpm all the way through, so it was quite easy to lay down a drum track, some percussions, a couple of extra vocal trax, a bit of reverb and there you go! Of course, being a vinyl snob, I had to leave pops and crackles 🙂

For those of you wondering about how the original version sounds like, here’s the link to the actual videoclip!

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