Cello, Coast to Coast and other tales…

Well, I’m partial when I say that when it comes to Ska, Coast to Coast is the place to be, possibly in the whole UK…

Cello & Glady Wax

I’ve learnt my basic DJ skills there, maaaany moons ago ;-). So that’s why this interview!

1) Tell us about your first reggae (as in reggae/ska/rocksteady) record you remember listening to and the first one you bought.Why did you like it?

My first ever reggae single that I’ve ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!……there were several, from my dad’s little collection! Pat Kelly was the most played artist in my house, specially a track called ‘I’m not your guy’. ‘Prisoner of Love’ by Dave Barker was another….‘Red, Red Wine’ by Tony Tribe was played a lot…..my dad love it, being Italian, he loved his red wine and living in a West Indian area got to love his reggae too! I love the music because….I guess, I grew up listening to it at home! I remember buying ska,reggae singles for the first time in a jumble sale, there were several singles…..too many to mention. The first ska single I ever heard was on the John Peel Show, on Radio 1 in 1979, ‘Alcapone’ by Prince Buster and I still love it now!

2) What brought you to reggae?

As I mentioned before I grew up listening to the music at an early age and then Two-Tone came along, loved it and that just enhanced my interest in the more authentic Jamaican style ska/rocksteady/reggae from the 60’s.

3) Tell the people about Coast to Coast and why they should get there

Coast to Coast is a fantastic night, great people, brilliant atmosphere and the music is second to none! If you love ska and reggae….Coast to Coast is the place to be!!! Sorry no Two-Tone!!

4) The best time you had behind the decks

When I did Coast to Coast in Oslo it was awesome! When I Dj’d in Torino for a club night called ‘Soulful’ that was great too! When I Dj’d in Barcelona last year for the Reggae Soul Allnighter that was fantastic and just recently The Coast to Coast Xmas Party, my live guests were ‘Intensified ‘ and to my surprise DAVE BARKER got on stage and did 30min slot! It was completely out of the blue, unrehearsed and the atmosphere was electric, what a night!

5) Some anecdotes?

I remember going to a party 1973 with my parents. Full of Jamaican people! We were the only white people there! The blacks kids wanted to be my best friend because I was different! All the talk then was boxing…who’s the best Muhammed Ali? George Foreman? Us kids were talking about it outside the house, inside the reggae….reggae all night! The music was just like what my dad liked, so I know it was the sounds of 1969 but then they played something for the older folk, the place erupted, I know now it was ska now but I didn’t know at the time, I was only 7 years old, the atmosphere was fantastic, many very happy people! Such joy!

I remember, when I was 13 years old, I was well into ska, reggae and two-tone. I was going to a School Disco, I dressed up for the first time in something related to the music I was into, which I believe to be a rude boy at the time! Trulby Hat, Ben Sherman shirt, tonic suit, Brogues shoes, white socks and a Specials tie….he he…. I was nervous walking down the road, I felt like everyone was looking at me! When I got to the school everyone thought I looked really smart! Good memories!

6) Your current top 10

This is not really my Top 10, there is too many great records to choose from but they are as good as any!

1) South China Sea – The Skatalites
2) Diamond Baby – The Wailers
3) Pictureof Smoke – Jaclie Opel
4) Send Me – The Enchanters
5) Tribute Nerhu – The Skatalites
6) Man Fe Getta Beatin – The Wailers
7) Just A Mirage – Slim Smith
8) Shake It – Alton Ellis
9) Foey Man – George Dekker
10)Tonight – Alton Ellis

7) Future projects?

Check out my web site for details;

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