Vintage soundman ;-)

This post is about people still carrying along the banner of Sound System “the way they used to be” i.e. valve amps as opposed to transistors, proper Garrard turnatbles as opposed to cds or even worst laptops with mp3s…

Let me introduce to you, Mr. Steve Rice, a man that lets the music do the talking!

Mr. Rice cooking some proper sounds

About me;

Born in Brixton i grew up with a large West Indian influence aroud and
went to late night blues dances from an early age…i started buying
reggae seriously around 69 and spent a lot of time hanging out in Joe’s
record shop in the arcade in Brixton,Joe being Joe Mansano.I would hang
out all day and get food and cups of hot chocolate for him in return
for a shot at some of the pre release tunes he would get.When i was 15 i built a small system at home and soon afterwards teamed up with a pal and we became Sir Messenger sound, playing our own saturday night dances every week.We cut a few tunes for ourselves the only one to get released was the legendary Big Haire on Unity. Around 75 i lost interest in the scene.
Started back in 92 and have been playing in Bristol ever since…i met up with Jeremy a year or so ago via Chris Lane so now we run Downbeat Melody sound system between us.My current favourites on the turntable;

This is my song..Keith and Tex Move and Groove blank
Woman don’t make me cry…Tristan Palmer…Thompson sound
Didn’t i …Darondo Luv.n.Haight album
Moody ska …Tommy McCook…Discolite
Stop your lying…Castle sisters Muzik city
Love and only love…Fred Locks…Tribesman12″

Check him out at:

You can also listen to Steve livehosting the Down Beat Melody show on Passion Radio Bristol.

Hear Steve play the best in Jamaican Music Mondays from 9am to 12 mid day (GMT). It’s most definitely a nice way to start the week!

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